The First Week of my Semestral Break

MONDAY - I actually did not do anything productive nor fun.. I was just with my Twitter account the whole day and stalked my crushes, tweeted my friends and checked on other people’s lives.

TUESDAY - I promised myself that I will not bum the following day so Monday night, I texted my good friend Chynna if we can chill at UST the following day and she told me that she was feeling the same way that is why she agreed. So there, I had a Tuesdate with Chynna! We just chilled at UST but then when we found out that the Tigers are having their training, we went to the Quadri Pav and watched their training. They were too adorable while practicing, most especially Kevin Ferrer! He keeps on playing around, laughing and making fun of his teammates! He was very cute!! We even had the chance to have a picture with the co-captain, Jeric Teng, who was still catching his breath even while we were having our picture (lol) and my favorite Tiger, Kim Lo! After that, I accompanied Chynna ran her errands then we ate at the AMV Carpark after.

WEDNESDAY - Killed Wednesday afternoon with my cray high school friends! We went to our crib, hehe joke, to our usual tambayan, Yssa’s house! We catched up, bonded and chicka-ed non-stop!! A day full of laughter, kwentos and craziness! All in all, that day was definitely well spent!

THURSDAY - A not-so-bum-bum day! Haha get it? Well anyway, last Thursday, I watched The Reunion. It was a good movie! It made me miss my high school friends more! It made me realize (even more) that high school was one of the best parts of my life! And then, after The Reunion, I watched the NCAA Finals Game 1, Letran versus San Beda. If you know me so well, you know that I am a fan of basketball. I watched almost every game of UAAP Season 75 and some games live, sometimes I also watch PBA and NBA and I rarely watch NCAA (because most games are not televised). But since it was NCAA’s finals, I won’t miss it this time. I rooted for UST’s sister school and my dad’s alma mater, Letran! Arriba Letran!! But unfortunately, they lost.. Anyway, after spending time in front of the TV, I opened my laptop and found out that there was this so-called “student deficiencies” in our myUSTe accounts already. I checked mine and saw that I do not have any. Thank you, Lord!! 

FRIDAY - I declared my Friday a YOLO Friday!! Wanna know the reason why? Because the following day, our grades will be released.. So I watched a YOLO movie, Project X! Actually, it was my first time to watch Project X but unfortunately, I wasn’t able to finish it because I had to talk to and entertain visitors… But of course, I did not let that day pass without doing something epic, that is why I asked my mom if I can have my hair dyed that day (since she also would go to the salon for her hair to be fixed because she will attend a wedding the next day). Actually, I’ve been wanting to have my hair dyed for quite a while now since first, I’m now in college and back in high school we were not allowed to dye our hair, second, for a change. I want a new look and a new hair color. So at the salon, the hairdresser asked me what color I want, I asked him if ombre suits me but he told me that it’s just okay, I asked my mom if I could get one but she did not allow me so, I just told the hairdresser to dye my hair the color that he wants. It’s just that I want to be surprised with the outcome and since I know that he has the knowledge when it comes to hair-dyeing.. So yeah, it’s done! To tell you frankly, I do not know the new color of my hair right now but it’s sort of like a lighter-dark-brown-ish, yeah it’s vague but my hair before was dark brown and now it became a tad bit lighter so that’s what I’m calling it.. But don’t worry, I’ll show it to everyone and post a picture soon!!

SATURDAY - The best day of the sembreak yet!! My dad and I went to The Fort to meet up with some relatives!! First, we had lunch at Abe at Serendra. But since, my cousin, Bea and I got bored (and awkward) after eating lunch, we decided to stroll around High Street. We just looked around (since we forgot to ask money), chilled and catched up with each other. It’s been a while since I last saw and talked to her!! After that, my dad and I strolled around Market! Market! Then we went home. But can I just say how I missed The Fort! It’s been a while since I last went to that place! I cannot wait to come back! But before we finally went home, my dad suddenly craved for milk tea that is why we dropped by Moonleaf Maginhawa. After a few minutes at home, my parents asked me to come with them to go to Crossings Quezon Avenue. We went to the National Bookstore there and that place was heaven! Too many books! Ahh, I’m in love with that place! I got to buy two thin books. Just short reads since I think I don’t have enough time to finish a “real” book this break.

So there, that’s what happened during the first week of my semestral break! Looking forward to the next two weeks!!!

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